IMA Vision

Affordable     Free Emergent and Preventive Health Care to all For rest affordable
Quality Standard ( not sane as magnitude of care) Competency
  • Regular update in Skills and Knowledge
  • Obeying laws, regulations, technical standards
  • Communicate information: accurate, clear, concise, timely
  • Recognize & communicate professional limitations or other constraints
  • Unless disclosure is authorized or legally required
  • Inform all, Monitor, refrain from using confidential information for unethical or illegal advantage.
  • Conflicts of interest, inform, be transparent
  • Fair, Objective, Transparent, Disclosures, Delays,
  • SOPs
  • Non Violent
  • Observation: No evaluation, no judgment, observe them as they are, use your senses
  • Feelings - Your response to observation
  • Need: Attention (look at me), Affection, appreciation, and acceptance (as it is). There are 5 layers of need a. Physical (food, water, sex), b. Safety, c. Belonging, relationship, community d. Self esteem- ego, acknowledgement, spirit, self realization, spirituality.
  • Request and not demand
Safe   Patient Safety Health care safety
  • It minimizes incidence, impact of, and maximizes recovery from, adverse events
  • Prevents accidents
Health care to all   Uniform Preventive and Accidental free to all
Rest affordable
Article 21
SERVICE SERVE Service, Excellent, Respect, Value, Enthusiasm
  • Be considerate of others needs, respond quickly, listen with sincerity, anticipate others need, timely action.
  • Take action to improve, strive to be the best, expect the best, be a Winner !!!!!
  • I am the best, Be kind and compassionate, Be honest and open; Be empathetic and tactful; Respect confidentiality and privacy; Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Team, Unique talents, Creativity, Pride in ownership, recognize individual achievements, develop and expand your potential.
  • Smile/ Appreciate/ Compliment/ Positive Enjoyable environment/ Random acts of kindness/ Celebrate accomplishments
Ethical Honesty   IMA
1. Is it necessary
2. Will it bring happiness to the patient
3. Will it bring happiness to me
My Answer is Yes, How Can I Help You
  Self Regulation    
Registered doctors      
Leaders   L
Look and listen from the eye of the flesh, mind and soul. (Observer/profits/karmic).
Empowerment- Shakti, detached from the outcome, independent Shaktis (chitta, Ananda, Ichha, Gnana, and Kriya,)
Awareness- Present moment, who I am, what do I want and what is my purpose
Doing- the law of karma, happiness and not profit
Entering into higher state of consciousness
Responsibility- ability to take initiatives
Synchronicity- coincidences, opportunities

( Dr K K Aggarwal HSG Elect : Dated 1st October 2014)